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How it Works

If you can answer yes to any two of these statements, you need Lucidity!

  • Our company requires at least one full time person spending more than 50% of their time researching and analyzing content to provide answers to management's long-term strategic questions.
  • The questions our company must answer are complex and strategic addressing issues related to R&D, target markets, competition, products, market share, ROI, branding, value propositions, product pricing, entering new markets, revenue generation and strategic planning.
  • Our analysis requires the retrieval of specific supportive and contradictory data from a wide variety of internal and external sources.
  • Our company competes in a dynamic and fast-paced evolving global environment where the time available to write insightful analyses is highly compressed.

Why is the initial data discovery process inherently inefficient?

  • How it works Traditional discovery processes deliver disconnected data in random order
  • How it works Analysts must read through hundreds of irrelevant documents to discover small bits of pertinent data
  • How it works Analysts must decipher the data, organize it and format it before they can even begin to analyze it

Global market intelligence leader IDC explains, "Most large companies lose over $8,000,000 a year searching for critical information they never find."  Don't let this happen to you.

How Lucidity Works

Step 1. Identify Your Research Topics: Lucidity is configurable and helps you carefully define your search criteria to:

How it works
  • Reduce the volume of search clutter
  • Target only the most pertinent data
  • Reduce the time required to search and retrieve

Step 2. Get the Results You Need. Lucidity's built-in intelligence swiftly and effectively isolates only the the most pertinent data so you can:

How it works
  • Focus your analysis on truly pertinent information
  • Eliminate wasted time sifting through large quantities of useless data
  • Quickly begin your analysis

Step 3. Create Superior Reports. Lucidity saves time and money by:

How it works
  • Automatically formatting the data into MS Word reports
  • Increasing the time spent on present your findings and making recommendations
  • Developing effective strategies
  • Making wise decisions

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